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SamTin, bubulabugin ni Alex?!

Dream project come true for the sissums!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

8/16/2018 in News
SamTin, bubulabugin ni Alex?!

Alex and Toni Gonzaga have spilled the beans about their upcoming movie with Sam Milby. 

According to the uber talented sisters, their movie, which now has a working title "Merry Merry Me", is a "dream come true" as they've always wanted to work on the same project together. Toni said in a recent interview with PUSH, “Dream namin na magkaroon ng movie together and it took a while kasi we are finding the right material na bagay sa amin, and ayun we are working with the best team, the best group. Pinapaganda talaga namin ang movie."

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"Merry Merry Me" will be a "love triangle" story, they confirmed. 

Alex explained, "Ang movie namin is about magkapatid na maglalaban para sa isang lalake. Parang love triangle siya pero magkapatid."

It was Toni who first broke the news about the upcoming movie when she shared a photo of their little trio after a meeting at the Ten17p Productions headquarters in her Instagram Stories last July 26. Ten17p, owned by Toni's husband Direk Paul Soriano, will be producing the film, while Victor Villanueva (who helmed "Kusina Kings") will be directing. 

"Merry Merry Me" will be Sam and Toni's reunion movie after a nine-year separation. They starred in a string of blockbuster hits in the early 2000's, namely 2006's "You Are The One" and 2007's "You Got Me!" and 2008's "My Big Love."

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