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Kathryn & Daniel Everyday: The 'I Love You' Gantihan Challenge

They will melt your heart with their antics.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

8/16/2018 in News
Kathryn & Daniel Everyday: The 'I Love You' Gantihan Challenge

Add a playful Kathryn Bernardo to a jokingly hurt Daniel Padilla and then add one piece of turon and you'll get a heaping dose of kilig. 

Back in their "La Luna Sangre" days, Kathryn and Daniel were caught by their co-star Joross Gamboa in an "I Love You"/"Thank You" gantihan of sorts. In the two videos below, they've managed to say the phrase "I love you too" once, and while frustrating and hilariously irritating for all parties involved, it's somehow the cutest thing you'll see today. 





Kathryn. Daniel. Turon. Name a more iconic trio. We'll wait.

There are more installments for the Kathryn and Daniel Everyday series coming your way. We'll be looking at their best on-and-off-screen moments, so don't forget to check in for your daily dose of kilig. If you have any suggestions for a winning Kathryn-Daniel moment we should tackle next, tell us in the comments section down below!

Kathryn and Daniel also have a new movie coming up! "The Hows of Us", which is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, will hit Philippine theaters this August 29!.

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