5 reasons Daniel Padilla is the ultimate #KiligMVP

Daniel is the real MVP, on and off the court!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

8/16/2018 in #KILIGMVP
5 reasons Daniel Padilla is the ultimate #KiligMVP

Daniel Padilla is an all-around guy: he’s a great son and brother, a caring and loving boyfriend, a serious artist (in both singing and acting), and an amazing basketball player.

With all those awesome qualities, you could say he’s the ULTIMATE Kilig MVP - in real life, on the court, anywhere and EVERYWHERE.

Here are five reasons he should be called the Ultimate MVP:

1. He’s always a gentleman to everyone

Daniel’s care for perennial leading lady Kathryn Bernardo is so thorough that even the actress’ mom Min Bernardo is impressed with it! The actor’s #AlagangFord frequently makes appearances on Mommy Min’s Instagram feed, so you know it’s real!

Daniel’s “The Revenger Squad” co-star Pia Wurtzbach further attested to it, saying that “gentleman” is the perfect word to describe him.

2. He made his mom’s dreams a reality

It was in 2014 when Karla Estrada revealed her dream house, which was a gift from Daniel himself!

It’s amazing how the actor thought of granting his mom’s wishes before pursuing his own. ❤

3. He’s a super supportive sibling

Nothing is more important to Daniel than family, and it always shows whenever he’s with his siblings!

Even when he has a lot on his plate (and too little sleep to deal with them), Daniel has constant concern and support for his sisters Magui and Carmela, and younger brother JC.

4. He puts his all into his craft

No matter if it’s singing in front of a million people or acting in the biggest films like “The Hows of Us,” Daniel never does anything half-baked. He always uses his talents in the best way - the perfect role model to everyone reaching for their success!

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5. He’s a monster in the court

Of course, we can’t talk about Daniel’s MVP qualities without his basketball skills! He makes impossible and awe-inspiring shots on the court, which we’re sure he’ll exhibit at the 2018 Star Magic All-Star Game this Sunday, August 19!



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What else do you think makes Daniel the Ultimate MVP? Tell us in the comments! 

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