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5 times Erich Gonzales let her inner lioness come out

Some of the most intense Erich Gonzales moments in recent TV and film!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

8/14/2018 in News
5 times Erich Gonzales let her inner lioness come out

Erich Gonzales may look petite and sweet, but she's got a fire inside her that will singe you if you're not careful.

And that's exactly why we love her. Erich isn't your typical leading lady, and today we applaud her uniqueness with four scenes, from her outings in both television and the big screen, which proves that she's one of the fiercest actresses around. 

1. Don't mess with my sis scene from "The Blood Sisters"

Erich plays three different roles in "The Blood Sisters", and when you mess with one, you mess with the other two. This fact was truer than ever when Erika bumped into a catty girl in a nightclub. And Agatha, for all her failings as a sister, came to her defense.  

2. Catfight with Kaye Abad from "Two Wives"

Threats of a kaladkaran? A sabunutan? A mighty sampalan from Kaye Abad's Yvonne and Erich's Janine? This scene has all the excitement and violence of a true Wife vs. nagfi-feeling na Wife face-to-face. And it's Erich doing what she does best: seethe gracefully. 

3. Sampalan 2.0 from "Two Wives"

"Kung ahas ako, anaconda ka!" These are the iconic words from this scene, which featured yet another face-to-face between Kaye and Erich's characters. And this one totally topped our #2. Ulam was thrown. Kaloka!

4. Budburan ng asin para mawala ang kati scene in "The Significant Other"

A confrontation and full-on sampalan while wearing ornate gowns? We live for this kind of drama! And while totally the one in the wrong in this movie, Erich's pure love for Tom Rodriguez's character makes us root for her. Such is Erich's gift: making complex characters lovable. 

Pro tip: Skip to 1:21 for the action.

5. Saksakan from "We Will Not Die Tonight"

A complete jump from her roles in the others mentioned on this list, Erich's Kray in "We Will Not Die Tonight" stayed true to her fierce heart. And we can't wait to see her in action when "We Will Not Die Tonight" hits theaters nationwide from August 15 to 22 as part of the 2018 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP).

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