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This isn't a drill: Sharon, Richard, Kathryn complete 'Three Words To Forever'

The details you need to know about #ThreeWordsToForever are here!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

8/12/2018 in News
This isn't a drill: Sharon, Richard, Kathryn complete 'Three Words To Forever'

Major news! Sharon Cuneta, Richard Gomez, and Kathryn Bernardo are officially working together for a film!

In a story conference held today, August 12, at the Star Cinema office, the three stars, together with their director, Cathy Garcia-Molina, announced their new movie titled "Three Words To Forever".



Sharon and Richard's love team goes way back. Asked about their feelings on working together again, Sharon said:

"Nahiya ako. Kasi mayor [na si Richard]," then added, "Of course I'm very happy, I'm very excited. It's been 15 years since our last project together. So this is the 30th anniversary of our team-up, our love team."

She continued, "It adds another 100% to the excitement because it's my first time to be working with Kathryn. And another 100% because one of my favorite directors and one of my best friends is directing us."

With an exciting cast and a blockbuster director, are you curious as to what "Three Words To Forever" will be about?

Richard shared, "It's a story about family. It's a story of three generations, three families, three marriages."

It was also revealed that Kathryn will play a daughter to Sharon and Richard's characters.

Direk Cathy shared, "They (Sharon and Richard) have grown to be different people, definitely ibang kuwento ang maikukuwento namin, excited [ako] kasi meron nang pampagulo sa kuwento kasi may Kathryn na, dati I'm sure wala silang anak na pampagulo sa kuwento nila. Ngayon may anak na na pampagulo, nandito pa ako, lalong gumulo (laughs)."

Kathryn, meanwhile, related how happy she is to be working with the three.

"Happy ako na si Direk Cathy. [And] I'm very lucky na 'yung project na 'to, with Ms. Sharon and Mr. Richard pa so nandyan sila to guide me of course, and mixed emotions po. I'm very excited sa bagong adventure na 'to para sa akin," she said.

Are you anticipating as much as we are for this film? You won't have to wait longer! Direk Cathy said: "Definitely we want this out within the year."

You can watch the full story conference here!

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