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JM and Barbie, nag-celebrate na ng monthsary?!

It’s been one month for Mich and Adrian, and they’re spreading sweetness on Instagram!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

8/10/2018 in News
JM and Barbie, nag-celebrate na ng monthsary?!

JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial are celebrating their monthsary! Or at least, their characters in the hit show “Araw Gabi” are, and they’re not shy about a little public display of affection online

Both actors took to Instagram earlier today, August 10, to give us some major kilig with a short video that is pretty much all your JuanBie heart ever wanted: the pair in swimwear, being all sweet and doting to each other, kinda kissing and laughing and hugging, and oh my goodness! We can’t get enough - and neither will you!



On Barbie's post, JM replied with a simple smiley emoji. 'Tong dalawang to, guys! Kilig overload! 'Di namin kaya!

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VIRAL: How can you not fall for JM de Guzman after seeing this?! 😍