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Kathryn & Daniel Everyday: Tatamaan ka sa selosan sa 'Must Be...Love'!

August brings us this month-long series that proves we live in a Kathryn-Daniel world. ❤

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

8/1/2018 in News
Kathryn & Daniel Everyday: Tatamaan ka sa selosan sa 'Must Be...Love'!

This August, we're putting the spotlight on Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo here on starcinema.com.ph!

Today, we'll be focusing on one scene from one of their early rom-coms "Must Be...Love" which made our 2013 romantic dreams come true with its unique take on the BFFs-to-lovers trope. And that scene is this eternally hilarious moment where Daniel's Ivan realized that he might be sort of a little bit in love with his best friend, Kathryn's Patchot. Of course, it took him one Cinderella-esque transformation and some creepy dude with a smarmy smile and a real skill for touchball to get there, but we can take what we get with a smile.


And of course, when Ivan noticed Patchot's "fake" smile? Aba, tingnan mo naman ang reaksyon ng kuya mo! 




Of course, he chalked up this "halatang-halata naman na in love na" reaction to being a "protective" best friend, but as Kathryn and Daniel stans who have watched this movie 600 times, we know better.


Nagseselos ka, besh, 'wag ka nga jan! 😂

And hey, there are more installments from the Kathryn and Daniel Everyday series coming your way! We'll be looking at their best on-and-off-screen moments, so don't forget to check in for your daily dose of kilig. If you have any suggestions for a winning Kathryn-Daniel moment we should tackle next, tell us in the comments section down below!

Kathryn and Daniel also have a movie coming up! "The Hows of Us", which is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, will hit Philippine theaters this August 29! 

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