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Imbes na techie, Toni Gonzaga, ginagawang bookworm si Seve?!

Toni Gonzaga might not be a "perfect" parent, but she's close.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

8/1/2018 in News
Imbes na techie, Toni Gonzaga, ginagawang bookworm si Seve?!

It's official: the way Toni Gonzaga spoils her firstborn Baby Seve is the way every parent should be spoiling their own kids!

The multi-hyphenate actress and actual real-life supermom took to Instagram today, August 1, to talk about how she encourages Baby Seve's love for bookstores in spite the fact that we live in the time of such advanced technology. 



She captioned, "Aside from bringing Seve to a toy store when we go to the mall or travel, one of our ways to allow him to have fun is giving him the freedom to roam around the kids section in a bookstore. It gives him the chance to explore on his own, choose a book he likes, sit down and browse through every page for as long as he wants."

"I believe this helps our child’s development in lots of ways. They are getting familiar with words, prints, colors, letters, numbers etc. and eventually, the value and joy of books," Toni continued.

"I believe there’s no perfect way of parenting our kids, [but] we take care of them the best way we can and we know how."

Seve was born to Toni and her husband Direk Paul Soriano September of 2016 and celebrated his first birthday just last year.

Toni last starred in the 2017 drama "Last Night" alongside Piolo Pascual. She is slated to return to the big screen this year with an upcoming film with her sister Alex Gonzaga and former on-screen partner Sam Milby. 

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