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Kendra at Scarlett, may bagong achievement!

Kendra and Scarlett, negosyante na, chefs pa?!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

7/8/2018 in News
Kendra at Scarlett, may bagong achievement!

It seems Team Kramer is never idle!

After taking on the challenge of starting a business and launching their accessory line of bows and ribbons, the beautiful daughters of Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer, 8-year-old Kendra and 6-year-old Scarlett, moved on to another interest - cooking.



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It looks like the sisters recently started taking cooking classes over the summer break and finished with flying colors!





“Congratulations to my little chefs Kendra and Scarlett (@kendraandscarlett)!!! So proud of you two and what you have been learning over the summer. 😊” their mom Chesca wrote in her post last July 6. “To more yummy food not only cooked by your Papa Doug (@dougkramer) but the two of you as well. Gavin (@gavinkramer) and I are so blessed to have three people in the family cook delicious meals for us while we sit pretty being served and fed. Aaaah, now that's life! 😊”



Congratulations, young ladies! 🙌



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