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4 ~important~ MarNigo moments at the ‘Stellar’ Grand Album Launch

For Inigo, every little thing Maris does is magic.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

7/8/2018 in News
4 ~important~ MarNigo moments at the ‘Stellar’ Grand Album Launch

Maris Racal stunned us all with her unforgettable performances at the "Stellar" Grand Album Launch last night, July 7, but it's the tiny, kiligtastic moments she shared with her on-screen partner Inigo Pascual that gave us all butterflies.

And let's be honest here. Everyone loves a good MarNigo moment. Below, we've compiled four of the best from the event.

1. Inigo said "I Love You" to Maris in public for the second time, while they performed on-stage with John Roa.



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Maris' family saw the entire exchange, pero mukhang sila rin kinilig? <3



MarNigo first exchanged "I Love Yous" publicly at the Just Love Araw-Araw Fan Meet held last May 19.

2. Inigo, watching in rapt attention as his lady sang her pretty little heart out.





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Just look at the awe in his face! That's love.



3. And oh my god this moment of pure "Ikaw Lang Sapat Na" duet greatness...



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...which in turn, gave us these photos.



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4. Oh and Inigo finally met Maris' parents! You can watch it unfold at the 5:40 mark. <3



We imagine Inigo saying something along the lines of "Tita Leony, Tito Henry, thanks for raising the girl of my dreams." Ayieee!

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