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'Di na ako kakain!' Bakit ito nasabi ni Megastar Sharon!

The Megastar is the sweetest when it comes to her children :)

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

7/6/2018 in News
'Di na ako kakain!' Bakit ito nasabi ni Megastar Sharon!

Sharon Cuneta was in full Mamabear mode last night, July 5, when her kids asked her to cook and she immediately obliged. 

“Of course, ONLY MY CHILDREN could get me back in the kitchen! [I’m] cooking again for the first time in ages! It was my first time to cook in this kitchen as well,” she wrote in her caption. 

“Babies missed Mama’s version of bulgogi - Korean BBQ. The minute the beef started cooking, Mielly and Kakie said ‘Mama! Reminds me of my childhood! Wack-Wack!’ Awwww…” she continued. “Miguel ate almost nothing but bulgogi in Seoul and he had no memory of my version. Tonight, he ate so much of it and three servings of rice! Hahaha!” 

“My heart is full. My tummy too, and I didn’t eat much. I only have to watch my children enjoying what Mama cooks for them,” Sharon added. “In fact, I think I should do this as often as possible. ‘Di na ko kakain, luto na lang for them! Hahaha! Thank You Lord.” 

Megastar’s bulgogi sure looks delicious! 😋 

Sharon recently reunited with former on-screen partner Robin Padilla in the 2017 film “Unexpectedly Yours” with Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia. She is currently a judge in the kiddie competition “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids.”

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