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Liza, master na rin ang martial arts!

Yazzz, Darna! You have to see Liza choke and kick someone!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

7/5/2018 in News
Liza, master na rin ang martial arts!

Liza Soberano only continues to grow stronger as she prepares for her upcoming role as Darna.

The actress has undergone strength training and has noticeably become more toned, and now she’s adding martial arts to her list of skills!

A video making its rounds online showed Liza learning jiu-jitsu… by choking someone!



Fierce na fierce!!!

A separate video also showed Liza trying her hand at kickboxing, and she delivered a turning kick flawlessly!



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That’s 👏 Darna 👏 right 👏 there!

Check out more of Liza’s preparations for Darna here:

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It's Liza's turn to ~impersonate~ Nancy! Look!

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