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Geoff Eigenmann's GF confesses: I'm depressed

Hugs for Maya!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

7/30/2018 in News
Geoff Eigenmann's GF confesses: I'm depressed

Many people don’t talk about postpartum depression or anxiety, choosing instead to focus on the positive and the blessing that is the newborn baby. However, just because it’s not talked about doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and this is exactly why Star Music artist Maya has chosen to speak up about her own experience. 

Maya gave birth to her first child with boyfriend Geoff Eigenmann last September, a little girl they named Arabella Simone. And though their photos may be all smiles and cute moments, the singer was struggling underneath it all. 

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“I tend to keep quiet when it comes to my mental health, but postpartum anxiety does not get talked about nearly enough. You can’t tell by looking, but when this picture was taken I was suffering from postpartum anxiety,” she shared in her post from July 24. 

“At times I couldn’t leave the house. I would cry uncontrollably when I’m alone. What it really feels [like] sometimes is a crushing guilt of wave that you’re not a good enough mother/partner/person,” Maya continued. “Or one minute you’re fine, playing with the cute tiny human you made, and the next you feel an overwhelming sense of panic that bubbles up from your chest and suddenly you’re crying and you cannot stop. It’s often feeling very, very alone even though you’re rarely alone. [But] the truth is you’re not alone. I’m here. We’re all here.” 

She furthered, “I’m working my best to get a handle on it, but so far what I feel has helped me the most is talking about it to someone. Why don’t we talk about these things more? There’s no shame in asking for help. Bringing a new life into this world changes us in so many ways and is such a huge adjustment. There’s obviously so much good, but definitely challenges as well.” 


“If you’re having a hard a time, please know what you’re feeling is NORMAL and reach out to a friend, partner, or even me. Let’s talk,” she invited. “Find your mama tribe and lean in. We’re all in this together after all.” 

Maya notably sang “Ambon” with Migz Haleco, the theme song to the 2016 romantic drama film “How To Be Yours” starring Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson. 

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