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#RealTalk: The truths and troubles in youthful romance

"Paper Year" delights and then slaps us with the reality of a young, married life

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/3/2018 in News
#RealTalk: The truths and troubles in youthful romance

"Paper Year" opens in cinemas tomorrow, July 4, and based on its trailer, it promises a love story that will slap us with the realities, joys, and consequences of being young, immature, and in love.

Young love. First year of marriage. What can go wrong?

Starring Nickoledeon's Avan Jogia and Even Hewson, "Paper Year" is directed by "New Girl" writer Rebecca Addelman.

Globe and Mail has released their review of the anticipated romance-comedy film and here are the four strongest points they saw on the movie.

1. "The excruciating realism, the well-observed social undercurrents and the tentative black comedy are typical of [Director Rebecca] Addelman’s provocative if occasionally wavering style as Franny and Dan proceed to screw up their first year of married life."

2. "The plot is inventively orchestrated to tease out both sides of the story, and Addelman’s wry observations on the idiocy that young women endure from senior male colleagues is acutely topical."

3. "Eve Hewson’s smart and sassy Franny is certainly no pushover; yet, the actress makes her ill-advised passion for the manipulative Noah completely convincing – even as Hamish  Linklater delights in creating an obnoxious character with warning signs posted all over him, the very picture of middle-aged insecurity and self-indulgence."

4. "Avan Jogia’s Dan is more gentle and more lost than Franny (Eve Hewson) – Dan is the one making lists of potential babies’ names – and together the actors carefully peel back layers of their dynamic to reveal how this husband and wife are mismatched."

Check out the full review here: Review: Paper Year is more rom than com, but that’s no con

Watch the full trailer here:

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