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5 kiligtastic quotes from MayWard's Metro cover story

MayWard's "secrets" to a winning love team? Ito na!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

7/3/2018 in News
5 kiligtastic quotes from MayWard's Metro cover story

We love Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber's oddball love team as much as the next MayWard stan, and so we swooned to actual tears when we read their sincere and touching interview with Metro magazine's Annual Philippine Fashion Issue, released for the month of June.

May and Dong were as humble and as ~in love~ as ever, and we've compiled five of their most nakakakilig quotes from that interview — quotes which can double as their "secrets" to being one of the super-kaduper-fast-rising love teams of today — so we can all share and delight in the MayWard magic together.

1. Edward on keeping a smile on Maymay's face at all costs:

2. Maymay tops Edward's personal '100 Most Influential' list:

3. Maymay on loving Edward's love of family:

4. Edward on living a "no filter" life with his girl:

5. Maymay and Edward on embracing and accepting their true selves:

"We are proud to be weird. We are a weird duo. We are strange people. Like Mr. M (Star Magic head Johnny Manahan) said, everyone has their own magic. Maymay and I have a type of strange weirdness and I guess some people like that."

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