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Manggigil ka sa cuteness nina Scarlet Snow at Baby Hunter!

These photos of Scarlet Snow and Baby Hunter will make our day brighter, guaranteed! 😆

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

7/27/2018 in News
Manggigil ka sa cuteness nina Scarlet Snow at Baby Hunter!

Cristalle Belo and her husband Justin Pitt have been doing what every new parent does - savoring time with their child. 

After long weeks in the hospital following the birth of their baby boy Hunter James back in May, the couple has been rather quiet online, focusing all their attention on their little angel and only sharing a photo every now and then. 

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But it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Baby Hunter soon! 

Cristalle and Justin recently shared photos from their family’s pictorial on their respective Instagram accounts. 

“Sorry I’ve been so quiet on IG. My life has been on hold, focusing on this little man. He’s brought us so much joy these past few weeks,” the new mom wrote in her post. “I still can’t believe that the love that Justin (@justinpitt77) and I have for each other has resulted in this wonderful being we can proudly call our son! 💖” 


A post shared by Justin J. Pitt (@justinpitt77) on

“Trying to keep up with #HunterJamesPitt and the Blue Steel eyes,” the proud dad wrote in his post. 

 The studio that took their photos then followed suit and shared several photos from their photoshoot. 


A post shared by The Stork Studio (@storkstudio) on

“Here are some snippets from the Lifestyle Newborn Session we did for the adorable #HunterJamesPitt and his sweet family! He was such a sweet baby and seemed to enjoy his photo session just look at his smile!” the studio wrote in their caption. “ We are so in love with the photos! and today we finished his Posed Newborn session at our studio with mommy Cristalle (@cristallebelo) and Big Ate Scarlet! Can’t wait to edit them too 💙😍” 

The daughter of Vicki Belo gave a sneak peek to that session with her sister Scarlet Snow through a series of posts on Instagram Stories. 

Don’t they just look adorable? 😍 

Luckily, the studio released a photo just today, July 27! 


A post shared by The Stork Studio (@storkstudio) on

“Two awesome!! Our hearts can’t take the cuteness overload!!! 💗💙” 

And check out what happened behind-the-scenes in Cristalle’s post: 


“Cuteness overload” indeed! 💖💖💖

Vicki and Cristalle both appeared in the Antoinette Jadaone film "Beauty in a Bottle."

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