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7 sexy stars-turned-moms worthy of worship

Ellen Adarna, Nathalie Hart + more: from sexy stars to sexy moms!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/27/2018 in News
7 sexy stars-turned-moms worthy of worship

Once upon a time, being unapologetically sexy and being a mother didn't exactly mix, but fortunately for us, those days are long gone. 

No one knows this better than the seven women on this list. These talented women embraced their sexuality, flaunted their bodies with confidence, lived lives full of adventure and passion, and as if they had to break just one more glass ceiling, turned out to be amazing mothers. And it's high time we give them their day in the sun!

1. Ellen Adarna

Is there anyone quite as fearless and unapologetic as Ellen Adarna?


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Apart from constantly wowing us with heart-stoppingly sexy photo shoots, she's also taken on daring roles in television, starring in the steamy "Pasion De Amor."


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And then came love. The true kind with her longtime friend-turned-lover John Lloyd Cruz. They welcomed their first child last month.

2. Ina Raymundo

Ina is a true wonder. The woman has five beautiful children, one boy and four girls, with her Canadian husband Brian Poturnak, and somehow still manages to look hotter than hell.


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If these photos from 1995's "Bikini Watch" is any indication, the "La Luna Sangre" actress has managed to maintain the same level of sexiness as her early days in showbiz. We don't know if we're jealous (we are), but we are definitely awed. 


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3. Teresa Loyzaga

Teresa is an actual supermom. The former sexy actress still takes on a few roles here and there, but for a long time, she was a hardworking single mom to actor Diego Loyzaga and his half-brother, Joseph Dizon. Teresa is protective, nurturing, and about ready to cut anyone who harms her boys.

And at 52, she's got the curves to show for it!


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4. Aubrey Miles

Aubrey is also a proud mom to two sons, and is currently pregnant with her second son with long-time partner Troy Montero!


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But like the two sexy stars before her, she shocked the industry with fearless sensuality back in the early 2000's. Her first big-screen role ever was in "Prosti" where she played a student by day, prostitute by night. She's paved quite her own sexy way since. 

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But Aubrey's sexy days are not completely behind her, as she's quite fond of donning her birthday suit in nude resorts. Some people free the nipple, Aubrey frees everything. A true goddess.

5. Nathalie Hart

Nathalie's name is on everyone's lips. After some notable sensual indie outings, the actress shot to fame with her work in Gino M. Santos' erotic thriller "Sin Island" this year, and has been enjoying a steady stream of movie roles ever since including the comedy "Kusina Kings" which opened in cinemas last July 25.


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And this month, Nathalie announced that she's taking on her most important role yet: motherhood!

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Nathalie is four months pregnant with her first child with Indian fiance Mayank Sharma, whom she will be marrying this December. 

6. Cristine Reyes

Stunning and spunky, Cristine has never been afraid to raise an eyebrow or show off her body, and she's made a name for herself by playing strong, sexy, complicated women throughout her career. 

In spite of this, however, or perhaps because of it, she entered married life and motherhood with grace. The actress is married to mixed martial artist Ali Khatibi. They welcomed their daughter Amarah in 2015.

7. Sunshine Garcia

Last but definitely not least is former SexBomb dancer Sunshine, whose sexiness is legendary to us early 2000s apologists. And then she turned it all around and showed us her funny side in "Banana Sundae". We stan a woman who can do both!

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She announced that she is pregnant with her first child with fiance Alex Castro last June!

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