Chop and change: Kathryn and Daniel's evolution of hairstyle

Nothing stays the same for long with Kathryn and Daniel's hairstyles!

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

7/26/2018 in LIFESTYLE
Chop and change: Kathryn and Daniel's evolution of hairstyle

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have gone from their tweetums days to becoming this generation’s two of the most sought-after actor and actress. 

Part of their evolution as artists is their overall style. And with them, you can never predict how their looks will be in every project they make such as in their movies "24/7 in Love," "Sisterakas," "Must Be... Love," "Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay," "She's Dating The Gangster," and "Crazy Beautiful You."

When it comes to hair, Kathryn went from long and curly, to long and straight, frizzy, and short and wavy, while Daniel had gone from medium haircut to brushed up, gangster long, and faux hawk. 

And now, in their upcoming film "The Hows Of Us," Daniel sports a pop funk look while Kathryn rocks the shoulder-length hair with side bangs.

See how their hairstyles have transformed through the years as we recap the looks of their most notable movie characters.

Whatever hairstyle it is, they definitely can rock it!

Meanwhile, catch Kathryn and Daniel as George and Primo, respectively, in "The Hows Of Us."

The film, directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, will be out in cinemas soon!

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