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Quitting marriage after 40 years? Glenn Close spills in 'The Wife'

"It was tricky territory, it's a tricky relationship..."

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7/25/2018 in News
Quitting marriage after 40 years? Glenn Close spills in 'The Wife'

Based on the novel by New York Times best-selling author Meg Wolitzer, comes the extraordinary literary drama "The Wife," starred by Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce.

Joan Castleman (Glenn Close) is the perfect wife, who has spent 40 years sacrificing her own talent and ambitions to make way for the career of her husband, Joe (Jonathan Pryce). As Joe's career reaches an all-time high being a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Joan decides to leave her husband and confront the dark secrets of their marriage.


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In an article by the Hollywood Reporter yesterday, July 24, Glenn, who is a long-suffering wife in the film, commented on how challenging her role is.

"It was tricky territory, it's a tricky relationship. I had to answer for myself why she didn't leave him, because on the surface I thought everyone will say ‘Just leave him!’ But that wasn't the story and there are reasons why she didn't, and that to me opened to door into really a lot of thought and exploration. And I think the result is a very real relationship on film," she explained.



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The Oscar-nominated actress then furthered to talk the issue that the movie tackles -- the difficulties of female authors and artists in the field.

She said, "I knew certainly that there was the phenomenon of very, very few published women novelists at the time that [my character] was wanting to write. And I've been aware of how difficult it is to get women's stories told from the very beginning. So yes, it had great resonance with me personally."

Read Glenn's full interview here: Glenn Close Talks Exploring "Tricky Relationship" in 'The Wife'

"The Wife" opens in Philippine cinemas this August 8. It is directed by Björn Runge.

Watch the full trailer here:

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