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KathNiel, na-hulicam ang kiss sa Amsterdam?! 😱

Kiss sa lips or kiss sa chin?! 😀

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/23/2018 in News
KathNiel, na-hulicam ang kiss sa Amsterdam?! 😱

Just when we thought KathNiel's "kilig" moments in Amsterdam are over, a video that blessedT millions of blue hearts came out.


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Uploaded by a fan named Gener Esquibil on Instagram (@generesquibil), the clip showed the premiere love team Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla getting cozy on the streets of Netherlands which ended with a kiss? Almost kiss? Kiss-like angle? You be the judge:


A post shared by Gener Esquibil (@generesquibil) on

Here's a closer look...



A post shared by Gener Esquibil (@generesquibil) on

So is it a kiss on the lips or just the chin? 😘
Kahit ano pa 'yan basta kinilig tayong lahat! 💙💙


Meanwhile, catch more of KathNiel's sweet moments in their much-awaited reunion movie project "The Hows Of Us" with director Cathy Garcia-Molina following the 2014 hit film "She's Dating The Gangster."


The film, which tackles about the realities of a long-term relationship, will be out in cinemas soon!

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Meron ka na bang naiisip na theme song for this movie? Comment it below! Malay mo mapili ang idea mo! ;)

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