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Baby ni Jewel Mische, nasa NICU!

Here’s hoping Jewel and her family can go home soon 🙏

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

7/21/2018 in News
Baby ni Jewel Mische, nasa NICU!

Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. 

The good news is that former Kapamilya actress Jewel Mische has revealed the name of her gorgeous baby girl! 

In an Instagram post from July 18, the new mommy shared how she and her husband Alister “Alex” Kurzer came up with their daughter’s name. 

“How did we come up with her name?✨ 🎀 ✨ From its Scottish origin form ‘Isla’ (eye-la) combined with a Hebrew alphabet, we came up with a name for #BGK that is both beautiful and meaningful to me and Alex. 😊😊😊” she wrote in her caption. 

The actual explanation was in her post, explaining how they both agreed on the name “Isla” meaning river and love and decided to add the Hebrew letter H for it to have a different spelling and deeper meaning. 

“The fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet ‘H’ (or Hei) represents ‘divine revelation,’ the ‘breath of the Creator’ (Psalm 33:6),” she shared. “‘H’ is also #5 in the Hebrew alphabet, meaning ‘grace’ in biblical numerology!” 

The couple also chose the name “Rose” to be their daughter’s second name as it is their favorite flower. 

“As we tied everything together, we figured that God, ‘Breathed on Aislah and like a RIVER that never runs dry, He would use her to GRACiously share the Word and the LOVE of God. In this thorny world, she’ll be a fragrant delight.” 

The baby’s full name? Aislah Rose Mische Kurzer! 🌹 

… And now, the bad news. 😥 

Despite having shared that she and her family are home from the hospital after giving birth to Aislah last July 13 (Philippine time), it looks like they had to return and put their daughter in NICU for jaundice. 😰

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“She’s in NICU at the moment undergoing phototherapy,” she wrote in her Instagram Stories. “We were all doing perfectly fine when her bilirubin levels started to shoot up (her pink skin turned yellow). It was alarming enough that her doctor sent her to the ER. She was immediately admitted and set up for [an] IV and intense phototherapy. She almost needed a blood transfusion. WORST FEELING EVER.” 

Thankfully, Aislah’s on her way to recovery as her bilirubin levels come down. 

See Jewel’s posts below: 

Alister posted on Jewel’s Instagram to give an update on their baby girl’s condition just yesterday, July 20. 

“So, today we were scheduled to make our great escape and finally go home after four days in the NICU,” he started in his caption. “I personally picked out my daughter’s clothes, bags were packed, one last report and we could journey back home to normal. Not only are many of you deprived but Jewel and I as parents also. Aislah’s not so easy to get access to and even hold because of the phototherapy. Also, jaundice makes babies tired so baby is usually sleeping away. Believe me, I miss my daddy/daughter time. When Aislah was born, Jewel was recovering and she got to spend most of her time with me! :) Jewel would sleep as much as she could and wake to feed. Aislah and I fell asleep in each other’s arms many times the first few days...and then GONE.” 

“Our news today isn’t as we hoped. Aislah’s levels increased again, (as expected) but were higher than the docs were comfortable sending us home with, so we have to endure at least another night of therapy to ensure that they do not creep upwards,” he continued. “Thankfully, Aislah is now with us in our room with only a bili blanket and we get to care for her all day. Our latest update is that she may or may not lose the blanket as we go home, her ‘final’ bilirubin check will be tomorrow am (Friday). Thank you for your prayers, and love, and patience for photos. We would like some too. Most of what we have are personal and intimate photos and we aren’t sharing those just as you wouldn’t either. Anyways, much love from #AislahRose🌹 ‘s dad. —Alister :)” 

Here’s hoping they can all go home soon! 🙏🙏🙏 

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