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'Maybe my posts are making others feel bad...' Jennica, may confession

“Pwede naman tayo magkamali”

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

7/2/2018 in News
'Maybe my posts are making others feel bad...' Jennica, may confession

No one is perfect, but social media does a good job of hiding that truth. Posts are curated to a tee and hardly anyone suspects a thing. 

That said, seeing the “perfect” lives of others online often makes others insecure about their own lives and Jennica Garcia doesn’t want that. 

The new mom-to-two realized that her posts may have been affecting people in a negative way and remedied their “perfect” idea of her by opening up about her mistakes as a mother. 


A post shared by Kalinga Ni Nanay (@jennicauytingco) on

“‘Jennica you are amazing.’ ‘Jennica isa kang LODI.’ ‘How to be you po?’ ‘Kung sana hindi ako single mom, siguro nagagawa ko rin yung nagagawa mo.’ - I keep my posts on a cheerful note because I want to spread a harmonious energy to those who follow me but I realized that maybe, my posts are making others feel bad about themselves,” she captioned her post from June 29. 

“Since my second child was born, for three straight days I gave cereals for breakfast when [Mori] is used to eating whole meals that I've supposedly prepared the night before. Hindi ko na magawa,” she wrote. “I don't shout at Mori and [I] maintain a calm demeanor, but last night I raised my voice. ‘Mori naman, sana makinig ka!’ Then I cried. I apologized. She is also in transition. I am the adult I should have known [better].” 

She then explained her second photo and the story that came with it. 

“I was catching the leaking milk. I was successful until I started doing it while in a side lying position. I FELL ASLEEP. Nalaglag ‘yung mason jar sa mukha ng aking four-day-old baby,” she shared. 😲 “Thank God she did not cry and that she is fine. For some reason, parang wala siyang naramdaman because she was still breastfeeding as if nothing happened but I am sure natamaan siya.”  

She furthered, “Why I am my sharing this kahit alam ko na may mambabatikos sa ‘kin? Kasi Inay, okay lang ‘yun na nagkamali ka. Okay lang na minsan gusto mo ikaw naman. Pwede naman tayo magkamali. May Diyos, at buhay Siya. Because of what He did, there will always be hope for us. To continue loving our husbands, even in those days when they are no longer lovable. By being able to demonstrate saintly patience in the household so that our family will see Christ in us.” 

“‘Wag mo kukumpara ‘yung [sarili mo sa] mga nanay sa social media. Ganun talaga - gaya ko, ang ipopost ko ‘yung masasaya pero ‘di ibig sabihin nun laging masaya,” she continued. “Ganun naman talaga ang buhay. Let's just hold on to eternity and God's promises para hindi tayo mawala ng landas. Bilib ako sa iyo INAY! Mabuhay ka!” 

Jennica and her husband Alwyn Uytingco welcomed their second daughter into the world last June 25 whom they call Alexis. The two married back in February 2014 and had their first child, Athena Mori, in 2015. 

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