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'Wildling' transformation shocks men!

Witness the metamorphosis of a girl to a beast in "Wildling"

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

7/19/2018 in News
'Wildling' transformation shocks men!

"Wildling" actress Bel Powley gave us a feel into the unique character she has on her newest film - and she wowed us with her interpretation of it.

Based on the trailer, we could see that "Wildling" is a story of a young girl (Anna played by Bel) who was brought up in strict isolation by a person whom she calls Daddy (Brad Dourif). She was confined in a room for all her life, and when she was hitting puberty, Daddy gave her medicines to stunt her growth.

When Anna reaches the age of 16, Sheriff Ellen Cooper (Liv Tyler) rescued her. Just as when Anna was finally starting to get familiar with the real world and do normal things, her childhood traumas begin to haunt her. Eventually, Anna discovers that she's not normal, and that her instincts resemble something from the "wild". 

But Bel had a deeper understanding of it all -- and we are here, simply amazed by her mind.

In an interview with Dread Central, Bel related, "I’d describe [my character] as a young woman who is trapped when she’s a child and when she’s released into society she reaches puberty which transforms her, a metamorphosis, into this beast and the people who are living around her, especially the men, can’t handle the fact that she’s turning into this beast, what it’s like turning into a woman, and they try and kill her because of it."

When it comes to her co-actors, Brad Dourif and Liv Tyler, Bel described them as "lovely and brilliant".

She said, "I mean, they are both such lovely and brilliant people. And Brad, I’m such a 'Lord of the Rings' fan so that was pretty exciting. My dad used to read 'Lord of the Rings' to me when I was a little kid so I’ve known it way before the movies came out so I was very excited to get to work with him in that sense." 

"Brad is an incredibly intense, fantastic actor, he has these amazing eyes that look straight 
into your soul and he’s also incredibly gentle and kind and he was wonderful, I learned a lot from him," she continued.

Moreover, Bel also talked about the two's "gentle qualities".

"Liv and I remain very good friends. I think what they both have that works very well in this genre, they both have this gentle quality to them so for example, even though [Brad] he’s supposed to be a character that at a point we’re scared of, but you still find him moving gentle, and the same with Liv, she has a calm, motherly nature to her, she’s got the softest voice," she shared. 

See her full interview here: Bel Powley on the Power of Women as Werewolves in Wildling

You can catch "Wildling" in cinemas nationwide!

Watch the full trailer here:

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