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'Wildling' grabs viewers by the neck!

Hands down to Bel Powley's "animalistic performance"

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

7/19/2018 in News
'Wildling' grabs viewers by the neck!

Horror film "Wilding" has opened in Philippine cinemas yesterday, July 18, and if you haven't seen it yet -- you're missing out on a wild ride.

Various movie and horror blogs have been raving about the elements of the film that truly makes up for a shocking masterpiece. Check out this review from bloody-disgusting.com: 

1. "Wildling" is essentially a modern-day fairy tale, and thanks to Fritz Böhm’s camerawork and cinematographer Toby Oliver’s blue and grey color palettes, it really does look like a live-action fairy tale, albeit a significantly bloody one. 

2. The film follows some familiar beats of coming-of-age films, but it’s so delightfully weird that you almost don’t care. 

3. Fritz Böhm has assembled a strong group of actors for "Wildling". Horror fans will come for Brad Dourif, who gives an over-the-top but captivating performance as the mysterious Daddy, but it is Bel Powley who anchors the film. 

4. Bel Powley turns in a nuanced and animalistic performance as she morphs from a young girl afraid of the world around her into a woman afraid of her own body. 


5. It’s nice to see Liv Tyler return to the horror genre (it’s her first genre film since "The Strangers" was released 10 years ago). She gives Ellen a sweetly maternal quality and is heartwarming to watch in her scenes with Bel Powley.

6. "Wildling" is a solid debut feature for Böhm and features a magnetic performance from Bel Powley as well as some excellent creature and gore effects.

7. The film leave you with a strong desire to see Fritz Böhm’s next film, whatever that may be.

See the full review here: Creature Feature ‘Wildling’ is An Accomplished Debut for Director Fritz Böhm

Watch the full trailer here:

Don't miss out! Catch "Wilding" in cinemas nationwide!

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