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Finally! Isabelle debuts her son’s handsome face!

Isabelle’s son is “baby boy Semblat” no more! Find out his name here!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

7/19/2018 in News
Finally! Isabelle debuts her son’s handsome face!

Are you having a gloomy day because of the rainy weather? Maybe this will cheer you up! 

Isabelle Daza finally posted a photo of her son’s face on her Instagram today, July 19, and he sure is one handsome boy! 😍 



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“‘A child should not have to earn their parents’ love. He should rest in it.’ You can rest in my love, Baltie. 💙💙” she wrote in her caption. 


Isabelle’s baby boy was born in the latter half of March earlier this year. Despite having posted photos of him before, they were never full frontal shots of his face as he was always to his side or turned away. 

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Like this: 



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Or this: 



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But the TV host and model isn’t keeping him a secret anymore! 🙌 

In a series of Instagram Stories posts, the beautiful mommy shared just why she’s been keeping her son a “secret” from the public, why she only shows us glimpses and why never calls him by his name in her posts. 

“I don’t know why but I felt so instinctively protective when he was born, like I wanted to shelter him from the world,” she wrote in her posts. “I wanted to keep these first few months with him to myself, like keeping these moments precious.” 

“Maybe it’s because he was still so little. Maybe it’s cause I was so scared he would be judged by how he looked,” she listed a number of reasons. “Maybe it’s cause I want him to have a choice. Maybe it’s cause after I show him, that’s it - the world will ‘own him.’ Or maybe it’s because I’m too vain - I’m over-thinking it and no one really cares. Whatever it is, that was my truth.” 

See all her posts below: 

He’s also just been known as “baby boy Semblat” because neither Isabelle nor her husband Adrien Semblat has revealed his name to the public. Thankfully, along with the debut of his face comes the reveal of his name! 

You can see from Isabelle’s caption that she calls her son “Baltie.” What is it short for? 

The answer was found in her Instagram Stories where she revealed how Adrien chose their son’s name. 

“Last Saturday (July 14) was my dad’s second year death anniversary,” she shared. “My dad loved Paris so much he thought he was half-French. Now I have a half-French little boy, who is one-fourth made of my dad and I wanted to be reminded of him every day. So my husband named our son after him. My dad’s name is Gabriel “Bong” Daza. My son’s name is Balthazar Gabriel Daza Semblat. His nickname is Baltie or Baltieboo.” 

See her posts below: 

It’s nice to meet you, Balthazar Gabriel! May we call you Baltie? 😄 

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