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Sumayaw habang umaandar ang kotse?! AC did that!

So was AC able to pull off her "In My Feelings" challenge?

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

7/18/2018 in News
Sumayaw habang umaandar ang kotse?! AC did that!

AC Bonifacio is the first Kapamilya star who gave in to the bandwagon and did the "In My Feelings" challenge.



This newest dance craze started when international singer Drake released the song which caught Instagram star Shiggy's (@theshiggyshow - https://www.instagram.com/ theshiggyshow)attention – danced to it outside his car door – and went viral.



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On Instagram (@acbonifacio) also last Sunday, July 15, AC shared a clip of her "In My Feelings" challenge and was amazing, as always. 😍



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"Wala po magawa sa basement. HAHAHA!

#InMyFeelings #DoTheShiggy #InMyFeelingsChallenge #Dance ⚡️💃🏻" she said in the caption.

Galing talaga sumayaw! ❤️

AC is the first-ever grand champion of TV dance competition "Dance Kids" along with Lucky Ancheta, the other half of the duo called "Lucky Aces."



You can catch this talented girl every Sundays on "ASAP."



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