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Pacquiao, pinabagsak si Matthysse!

Congratulations, PacMan! #PacquiaoMatthysse

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

7/15/2018 in News
Pacquiao, pinabagsak si Matthysse!

Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao defeated Argentine Lucas Matthysse in the World Boxing Association (WBA) regular welterweight match today, July 15 -- and the whole country is celebrating!



This is Manny's 60th win in his entire boxing career. He is 39 years old. 

In a report by ABS-CBN News today, it said, "Pacquiao floored Matthysse thrice — the first caused by an uppercut in the third round. The next was in the fifth when Pacquiao let loose a pair of right hands to the chest that got Matthysse falling down on one knee. When he fell a third time in the seventh, referee Kenny Bayless waved the fight off sending the predominantly Filipino crowd in pandemonium."

On Twitter, the hashtag #PacquiaoMatthysse trended. 









Check out this clip showing the energy of the fans from the arena:



Manny's life story was featured in Star Cinema films "Kid Kulafu" (2015) and "Pacquiao: The Movie" (2006).

Congratulations, Manny! 

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