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Angel Locsin, SINIPA ang spinal injury niya

Angel has embraced and overcome her spinal injury

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

7/14/2018 in News
Angel Locsin, SINIPA ang spinal injury niya

Angel Locsin’s spinal injury has caused her so much pain - physically, mentally, and emotionally - but she’s now accepted that it’s something she’ll have for the rest of her life.

In a heartfelt post last night, July 15, the actress shared that she used to believe in “mind over matter” and brushed off the pain, but ever since the injury happened in 2015, she realized that there’s no shame in being hurt - and you should take all the time you need to recover.

“DON’T EVER rush yourself to recovery and NEVER let pressure hinder your body’s healing process. Don’t ever feel guilty or sorry. And don’t try to overcompensate just to please others. Focus on what you can do. ACCEPT and learn to ADJUST,” she said.


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Alongside the message was a video of her doing kicks, something she was told she could never do again.

“Despite being told that I CANNOT anymore, this is me doing kicks again. Probably not the way that I used to, but this is fine for now. I’m doing this carefully this time,” she said.

Angel ended her post by encouraging those battling their injuries to trust in the healing process.

“I hope your process will not take as long as mine. If it does, that’s fine. You would know when you’re ready to bounce back. Praying for no pain and speedy recovery,” she said. “Cheers to good health!”

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