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Julia, ‘pigang-piga’ dahil sa ‘I Love You, Hater’?

“Emotionally, physically, ubos na ako…”

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

7/13/2018 in News
Julia, ‘pigang-piga’ dahil sa ‘I Love You, Hater’?

It’s only been three days since “I Love You Hater” was released in cinemas, and already Julia Barretto is getting high praise for her performance in the film.

The elevator scene in the movie earned Julia a moment of applause during their red carpet premiere (don’t worry, no spoilers ahead!), and it was coincidentally the most challenging scene she’s had to do in her entire career.

Speaking at their Thanksgiving Bloggers Conference earlier today, July 13, the actress related that she was physically and emotionally drained from rehearsing that part alone.

“‘Yung confrontation namin, ang haba eh, so parang at some point mauubos ka din. At that time parang sabi ko, ‘Direk (Giselle Andres), parang ‘di ko na kaya.’ Parang emotionally, physically, ubos na ako, parang hindi ko na kaya,” she shared. “So after I watched, I really thanked Direk Giselle for not giving up on me… 'di ba when people believe in you, you start to believe in yourself, so parang naganahan din ako. I wanted to prove to Direk na may something pa nga. Pigang-piga talaga.”

Meanwhile, her on-screen partner Joshua Garcia revealed that he really was blown away by Julia when they shot that scene.

“Habang ka-eksena ko siya, nakikita ko na gripo ‘yung mata, ‘yung feelings niya. Ramdam talaga. Ako mismo, habang ka-eksena siya parang, ‘Ang galing nito,’” he said.

As for where she got her “hugot,” Julia shared that she used some of her personal experiences to make the scene even more painful.

“Nung time na ‘yun I asked myself, ‘What is parallel to Julia and Zoey’s life? What can I use na same sila ng pinagdaanan?’ Ganun lang, not too much of Julia, kasi if it’s too Julia… that’s too painful!” she joked.

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