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Off the market! Hunk AJ Muhlach is engaged

AJ has a super sweet message for his fiancee!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

7/12/2018 in News
Off the market! Hunk AJ Muhlach is engaged

July could very well replace February as the love month because of the numerous proposals that have already happened, and the latest addition to the list is AJ Muhlach!

The actor proposed to non-showbiz girlfriend Anna Asabam last July 8, and announced the news earlier today, July 12.

AJ penned a lengthy message for his love, and wrote how Anna is the only person in his life who gave him clarity.

“[You are] an answer that didn't bring more questions. You brought certainty to my doubts. With you came what being genuinely happy and truly caring for someone means. Why I should do things in my life that were meaningless to me. And why this and that happens. You gave all of them MEANING,” he said. “My inspiration. My motivation. My happiness, my Baby, my Love, my Soulmate, My Anna - My 'EVERYTHING'. Thank you, my love.”



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Anna also had an equally touching message for AJ on her Instagram account.

“You are my backbone. I was searching for my personal legend and I was lost for years but everything led back to you. My personal legend is to be that one person for you,” she wrote. “So here I am, no hesitations, no second thoughts, YES MY LOVE, I WILL MARRY YOU!”


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