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Bela, iginiit na 'di siya nanghihimasok sa buhay ni Maris

Bela, still confused over "liberated" Maris issue

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

7/11/2018 in News
Bela, iginiit na 'di siya nanghihimasok sa buhay ni Maris

A month after accusations that she has been influencing Maris Racal to be "liberated", Bela Padilla has once again voiced her confusion about the whole issue.

According to the actress, her friendship with Maris is "positive". 

"I would like to think I'm a positive friend to whoever I am with. I didn't seek [Maris] out, siya 'yung lagi namang nagyayaya, so I don't know where it came from," Bela told PUSH.

She pressed, "Ang nabibigay ko lang naman lagi kay Maris is advice sa trabaho, sa buhay niya 'pag kailangan niya, pero hindi ako nanghihimasok."

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Bela previously addressed the issue on Twitter where she proudly reclaimed the true meaning of "liberated". She wrote, "I grew up in a household where that term shouldn’t be attached to a woman. But I checked out what it really means and yes, I am free from social conventions and traditional ideas."

She continued, "I can't think of what could possibly be wrong about being a woman who is free to express herself through her art and makes a decent living enough for her to enjoy and see the world."

It is of note that in spite the controversy around their friendship, Bela showed Maris unwavering support by attending the Grand Album Launch for "Stellar" last July 7.

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