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Tricia Centenera, ibinunyag kung bakit inilihim muna ang pagbubuntis

Tricia Centenera has a new love story to tell. ❤

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

7/10/2018 in News
Tricia Centenera, ibinunyag kung bakit inilihim muna ang pagbubuntis

TV host and blogger Tricia Centenera revealed in an interview with Metro Style that having a baby with her new partner Duane Santos was a conscious decision they made together months after beginning their relationship.

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The mom-to-be first opened up about her new love in an interview with PEP last June, revealing that her new man is a 51-year-old Filipino lawyer and real estate developer with a daughter of his own from a previous marriage.

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The 36-year-old shared with the digital magazine that Duane waited until she was ready to begin a new relationship. They first met in 2012 and then crossed paths again in 2016 after she divorced her ex-husband Gab Valenciano. They started dating late last year and began to seriously discuss having a family together without the need for marriage first.

“Coming from where I’ve come from, and a bit traumatized by the whole wedding thing—just because you have a ring on your finger doesn’t mean you have a stable relationship,” she said. “It doesn’t mean that you have everything worked out.”

Tricia revealed that they went to their pastors for advice when they were discussing their future plans, knowing that having a baby out of wedlock is negatively perceived in our society.  

“‘You know what Tricia, if you and your partner plan on having a baby together, knowing you want to raise this child walking in the footsteps of the Lord and eventually marrying each other, well then wonderful,’” she relayed what her pastor said. “‘Go ahead and do it. We’ll stand by you.’”

When she announced her pregnancy last July 1, she was already in her second trimester and even knew the gender of her baby (it’s a girl!). Tricia admitted that she and Duane chose to keep it a secret for a few months in order to make sure they don’t suffer a miscarriage.

“There are so many women who unfortunately had miscarriages. We just don’t want for that to happen to us,” she said. “Being a TV host and being in the public eye, I just couldn’t imagine having to go through it. I don’t think I would have been able to handle that loss.”

Tricia’s baby is due in November, and she plans to have the baby in Australia to be surrounded by family.

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