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Jewel, konting-konti na lang, manganganak na?!

Even Jewel has “violent” moments 😅

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

7/10/2018 in News
Jewel, konting-konti na lang, manganganak na?!

With her due date drawing nearer, former Kapamilya actress Jewel Mische took time yesterday, July 9,  to look back on the past nine months of her pregnancy. 



“Week 38 this week 🤰🏻 and amazingly, [I] still feeling great! 🙌🏼❤️” she wrote in her caption. 

Despite what may have looked like an easy-going pregnancy, Jewel still had her moments. 

She recounted, “In this pregnancy, so far, I have been sick once (for a few hours when I was about 7 weeks 🤰🏻), had a meltdown once (still during the first trimester, at a public store! 😰😂), and turned ‘violent’ almost only once… until yesterday. 🙄 LOL. (You don’t wanna know what happened - I was kicking & screaming over the stupidest thing you’d discover 🤣)” 

Still, the 28-year-old mom-to-be is a very disciplined person, in faith, body, and mind. 

“For the most part, I’ve been in control of myself and my attitude. I’m not crabby or irritable or have that roller coaster of emotions. My mood does not fluctuate (like my BUMP 😂)” she continued. “Physically, [I] haven’t been better! My workouts have definitely slowed down, not because of anything else but I’m just sooo busy ‘nesting’ and trying to get everything done before #BGK (Baby Girl Kurzer) comes. One thing I realized recently, I’m glad I was disciplined the last eight months trying to stay fit because days like these will come. Still, I am just reaping the harvest now - besides a more obvious bump ([which] I’m enjoying so much, btw 😍) and constant bathroom breaks (😤), I have almost zero symptoms in my body (and I can still do a full sit-up out of our bed! Cheers to a stronger core & a six pack after I drop this baby! Hahaha. 💪🏼)” 

Jewel also revealed in her post that as of her last OBGYN appointment, she’s already dilated 3cm! Looks like Baby Girl Kurzer might arrive sooner than we think. 😁 

It was just last week that Jewel revealed the gender of her baby with husband Alister “Alex” Kurzer after months of keeping it a secret and she’s pretty excited about meeting her little girl soon. 💕 

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“Baby Girl Kurzer 🎀 We are beyond excited about the impact you will make on this world. 💞” she captioned her post from July 7. “We can’t wait to raise a little girl that’s totally obsessed with Jesus!☺️💖 #ItsAGirl #MiniMe 👗 #9months #BGK #theKurzersgrow🤰🏻 👶🏻” 



Only a little longer. 🙌 

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