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Anak nina Paulo at LJ, nakakita ng UFO?!

OMG! UFOs in Manila?

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

7/10/2018 in News
Anak nina Paulo at LJ, nakakita ng UFO?!

Here's a total "OMG!" moment. Paulo Avelino's son with former partner LJ Reyes Ethan Akio might have spotted a UFO last week. 

LJ took to Instagram to share photos of the sighting and revealed that they were on their way to a mall in Makati when her seven-year-old pointed to the sky.

She wrote, "He keeps on telling me it’s a UFO and when I zoomed in, it sure does have a weird shape! First time ko makakita ng ganoon!"


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"Aki can’t stop thinking about it he even drew it when we got home," she continued, "super weird! What do you think it is? 👽🛸😮"

Some of LJ's followers speculated on the comments section that the object is most probably a "prototype drone", but some pointed out that drones don't "move that fast". What do you think? Sound off on the comments section below!

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