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ABS-CBN CEO Carlo L. Katigbak proud to be part of a John Lloyd-Bea movie!

"Patay! I was so nervous," ABS-CBN CEO Carlo L. Katigbak said about his "A Second Chance" experience!

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

6/9/2018 in News
ABS-CBN CEO Carlo L. Katigbak proud to be part of a John Lloyd-Bea movie!

Last night, June 8, Star Cinema celebrated its 25th year in the industry by giving back to its employees through a fun, and musical evening.

A lot of beautiful things happened at the "#StarCinema25EmployeesNight" but one of its highlights was the big revelation from President and CEO of ABS-CBN, Mr. Carlo L. Katigbak.

The ABS-CBN executive started his speech with, "Sa minamahal kong Star Cinema team, congratulations on creating movies that define generations, including my favorites 'Tanging Yaman,' 'One More Chance,' and my all-time favorite 'Starting Over Again.'

He went on to reveal that he was part of creating the story of 2015 blockbuster film "A Second Chance" starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.

"I wanted to share with you guys just a short story. One of the biggest films in my job happened to me in 2015. In 2015 I was just appointed COO when Malou asked me to read the script of 'A Second Chance.' 

"Bagong-bago pa lang ako sa position ko pero sabi niya 'Carlo, please give me your comments.' So after reading the script, I emailed Malou and said 'O Malou (Santos), natapos ko na ang script. Gusto mo e-mail ko sa'yo ang comments ko?' Sabi niya 'Hindi. Baba ka dito sa office namin.' So akala ko one-on-one lang 'yung meeting namin but when I entered her confernce room, seated around the table were si Malou, Inang (Olivia Lamasan), Carmi (Raymundo), Van (Valdez), and Direk Cathy (Garcia-Molina). 

"Patay! I was so nervous. Parang ayoko na ibigay 'yung comments ko. But they patiently listen to my comments.

"A few weeks later, I remember going to the premiere night and when it got to the part where they tweaked the story to accomodate my comments, I wanted to jump from my seat in happiness. I was so happy. To me that's one of the high points of my career. 

"That year I remember, people would go up to me and say 'pare congrats on your promotion' and I remember my answer to them was 'Wala 'yan. But did you know I was part of a John Lloyd movie?' 

"I've always loved movies. For me there's a certain magic that happens when I watch them. When I see a good movie, I feel like I become one of the characters, joining them in their world, feeling what they're feeling, recognizing my own story in that character's journey, that's why what you do is so special. So magical. 

"I'm very very proud tonight to be with the people that make that magic happen. Movies will always be a special part of ABS-CBN. That will never change. 

"Making movies that inspire and uplift are a big part of how we become of the service of Filipinos. But the world is changing and we need to change along with it. Let's continue making the movies we're known for, but let's also learn to create movies for a younger millennial audience. 

"But above all, my dream is for our movies to become international blockbusters. Why not? Filipino creative, performing, and production talent is among the best in the world. I really really believe that. And I also believe that most of that talent is in this room tonight. 

"You, Star Cinema, has the capability to produce hits that will resonate with the global audience. It's a big dream but where we are today was also the result of a big dream 25 years ago. 

"Congratulations mga Kapamilya on your 25 years. Now it's time for Star Cinema to go out of the world and show them  how great a Filipino movie can be," he ended.


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