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Why Khalil Ramos is the kind of 'influencer' we need

Khalil takes his mental health advocacy a step further

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

6/8/2018 in News
Why Khalil Ramos is the kind of 'influencer' we need

"La Luna Sangre" actor Khalil Ramos knows that he can use his influence to spread mental health awareness - and he takes it further by planning to build a mental health foundation. In a previous interview, he said, "I believe all of us have something to fight for, and for me it's mental health."

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In an exclusive story by PUSH today, June 8, Khalil said that the idea to build the foundation was suggested by his mother.

"It was my mom's idea. Eh, I had a series of tweets that kind of went viral. 'Cause that's what I really want to do—to spread awareness when it comes to mental health and social media when they do intertwine," he shared.

Last year, the 22-year-old artist went vocal about the reality for people experiencing depression, and why they need proper medication and treatment.

"Depression is no joke. Depression is real. Awareness is what we need to end potentially dangerous remarks and comments about it," he wrote.





Khalil continued, "So my mom, out of nowhere, she was like praying daw and God told her that we can put that to use—my influence sa social media. So she wants to put up a mental health foundation and I told her that it's something we could do because I have a video production company."

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Under his own production outfit, Khalil aims to create content that will spread the message on mental health to more audiences.

He said, "We're planning to make a series of short films about mental health and about technology and about social media and how we can be responsible users 'cause it's really something that I believe we should really be aware of right now kasi you can see all the negativity online. It's very discouraging, but that's it we fight for it so people are aware to be much more careful."

Meanwhile, Khalil starred in his first action film last year in the Toto Natividad film, "Riding in Tandem".

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