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From dare to date: Rhap Salazar, nakipag-date sa fan!

Pinaghirapan din naman ng fan ni Rhap na maka-date siya :)

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

6/8/2018 in News
 From dare to date: Rhap Salazar, nakipag-date sa fan!

"Little Big Stars" alum Rhap Salazar made one of his fan girls happy when he took her out on a date yesterday, June 7!

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But, mind you, it wasn't an instant request granted. The self-confessed "big low-key fan," whose name is Seannea Cruz, first sent a direct message to Rhap last May 20, and proposed a "dare" for a chance to have a date with him.

She wrote, "Hanging out with a celebrity isn't a thing that usually happens. Today, I got the chance to talk to Rhap Salazar - Rhap Sajul Salazar (I am a big low-key fan, if you guys only knew) and I asked him if we could have a simple street food date. He agreed (+dinner and movie date), only if I get 5k likes, shares and comments. So, please do help me guys ️"

See her full post here!

The fan succeeded at the challenge, and gained more than what she's planned!

Her post garnered 13k likes, more than 5k shares, and 5.6k comments as of this writing.

Yesterday, the promised date finally happened. On Twitter, the 22-year-old singer shared, "Dare 🏼 Date . Nice to finally meet you, Seannea (@cruzseannea) "



Meanwhile on Seannea's social media updates, she expressed her gratefulness for her idol and shared more photos from their date.

They took a lot of cute Polaroid shots, went on a karaoke date, took a lot of selfies, and went on a street-food trip!

She wrote, "Thank you so much for today, Rhap (@rhapsalazar)! ️ I had so much fun hehe. Good luck and have a safe flight tomorrow! ️"

The two also went live on Facebook to share the happenings at their date. Congrats, girl! :)

Now, this is proof that fan girl dreams can come true!  ️

Last May 21, Rhap shared his fitness journey and how he lost 30 lbs within three months.  



From 220 lbs (100 kg) to 190 lbs (87 kg) in 3 months!!! I started going to the gym after my 21st birthday last February. Di ko talaga alam kung paano mags-start ulit dahil ang laki ng tinaba ko from eating and drinking nung holidays like Christmas and New Year. Nakakafrustrate din na hindi ko na naisusuot yung mga dati kong shirts so I had to buy bigger ones for myself. I don’t feel good, I don’t look good. Without any purpose or motivation that time, Nagsipag ako mag boxing. Spent hours at the gym, Started eating healthy, Tinigil ko na din ang walwal nights ko. Hehe. Met new people and made friends also at the gym and doon ako humugot ng lakas ng loob, sipag and motivation na ipagpatuloy yung pagpapapayat ko. May mga days na sobrang nakakatamad at gusto ko na ulit tumigil pero sobra ko ding nilalabanan dahil alam ko naman sa sarili ko na ako din makikinabang nito in the future. And honestly, mas nabilib at mas minahal ko ang sarili ko dahil kaya ko pala. It’s never too late guys. If you feel like you can’t do it. YOU CAN!!! Now is the time to start working out and change your lifestyle.. Not for somebody else but for YOURSELF :)

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