WATCH: The 15-minute LizQuen compilation we all need right now

The kilig is always real with LizQuen

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

WATCH: The 15-minute LizQuen compilation we all need right now

We'd be lying if we say that we don't miss seeing Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil's iconic love team LizQuen on the big screen.

Their film outings have always been the cause of much excitement from us fans. But as we wait for these two to once again reunite and set our lives on fire with their electric chemistry, we've got their hit fantasy series "Bagani" and of course, the films they've made to tide us over. Let's stop for a moment and look back at LizQuen's kiligtastic filmography - because you know you need this in your life right now.  

1. The friends to lovers movie

Looking back, "She's The One" was the perfect introductory movie for LizQuen. In the 2013 romantic flick, Liza and Enrique starred as David and Gillian, best friends who stuck by each other through thick and thin.

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It's hard to look back at "She's The One" and not feel butterflies in your stomach. Just think: this movie marked the beginning of what would be Liza and Enrique's beautiful on-and-off-screen relationship. And just like all the best love stories, it started with friendship.

2. The teen movie

"Just the Way You Are" was released back in 2015, and it was the perfect sophomore outing for LizQuen, as it played up all of their strengths. Enrique was Drake, a slightly arrogant playboy who underneath the perfectly coiffed hair was a big ol' softie, and Liza was Sophia, a nerdy, naive beauty bogged down with family trauma.

Bonus: we got to see Liza attempt to be unattractive in this movie which, come to think of it, is pretty hilarious. Also, we got to see Enrique shirtless, and who doesn't love that? It brightened our day, showed us direction, gave us inspiration, how can we ask for more?

3. The Great Love movie

From the love triangle angle with Gerald Anderson to LizQuen's delicious banter, and even down to its small, sweet moments (remember the super romantic twirling slo-mo?), "Everyday I Love You" packed a punch. If you weren't a full-on LizQuen stan before watching this movie back in 2015, then you most certainly became one after.

"Everyday I Love You" was LizQuen at their best: they made us laugh, they made us cry, and they made us yearn for a love so big, it makes everything else seem small. Gurl, this movie. This movie!

4. The "TOTGA" movie

Liza and Enrique's most mature movie to date, "My Ex and Whys" was one of the most anticipated movies (and one of the most well received) of 2017. It gave us the memorable Gio and Cali, college sweethearts whose relationship was destroyed by, ahem, an unfortunate cheating incident. A few bitter years pass before destiny (or as we all like to call it, the internet) threw them back into each other's lives. Hilarity, and a whole lot of angst, ensued.

And of course, "My Ex and Whys" gave us the iconic line, "Am I not enough? Pangit ba ako? Pangit ba ang katawan ko? Kapalit-palit ba ako?"

*cue ugly crying*

And because this is just the best day to be a LizQuen stan, we've compiled an extra special supercut of all the movies mentioned above! You can watch that here:

But hey, we're not done yet! We'd like to know which LizQuen movie is your ultimate fave, so give us a few more seconds of your time and vote in the poll below!

If you could only choose one, which would you say is your favorite LizQuen movie?
"She's The One"
"Just The Way You Are"
"Everyday I Love You"
"My Ex and Whys"

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