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EXCLUSIVE: JoshLia gets real about possibly loving a hater

Joshua and Julia handle their haters with class!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

6/7/2018 in News
EXCLUSIVE: JoshLia gets real about possibly loving a hater

It’s no easy feat having to deal with haters every single day, but Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto are committed to taking all the hurtful comments they get in stride.

In an exclusive interview with the rumored couple last month, they gave their two cents on whether they can love a hater - stemming of course, from their upcoming movie “I Love You, Hater.”

Julia mentioned that “love” is a very strong word for someone who doesn’t like her at all.

“I think it’s more like understanding a hater, because they’re probably hating on you for a reason. They must be going through something… or maybe they just hate you and it’s not your problem anymore, it’s theirs,” she said. “You shouldn’t carry their baggage and the burden.”

Meanwhile, Joshua was a bit more forgiving, but admitted it would be very hard to love a hater.

“Para sa’kin, why not?” he asked. “Pero ang hirap kasing mahalin ‘yung may ayaw sa’yo eh, pero pabayaan ko na lang… siguro mas thankful [ako] sa kanila kasi sila rin ‘yung may dahilan kung bakit kumakalat ‘yung pangalan… minsan kasi nagba-bash sila ng hindi totoo.”

Julia added that we should all be mindful of what we say, whether in real life or online.

“If you have something hurtful to say, just don’t say anything at all,” she said.

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