Which Claudine Barretto film would you like to have a remake?

It's a showdown between "Milan" and "Anak". Which one is your fave?

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

Which Claudine Barretto film would you like to have a remake?

The Optimum Star Claudine Barretto has had her fair share of iconic films in her long and storied career, but today we'll take a look at two of her most memorable to date: 2004's "Milan" and 2000's "Anak".

1. "ANAK"

In "Anak", she stars as Carla, the wayward daughter of Vilma Santos' long-suffering character Josie. Their damaged (understatement of the century) relationship comes to a tear-jerking climax that has Josie slapping the living bejeesus out of Carla while serving up some eye-opening truths about the challenges of being an OFW.

Claudine shines opposite the Star For All Seasons, exuding defiance, regret, anger, and misery with every hiccup and sneer. It's gold.

Most heartbreaking line: "Kung magkakaanak man ako, sisiguraduhin kong magkasama kami sa hirap at ginhawa. Hindi ko siya ipagpapalit dahil lang sa pera!"

2. "MILAN"

The tables are turned for "Milan" where Claudine gets her turn as an OFW hustling to make it, this time in Italy. She plays Jenny, a strong-willed woman who falls in love with the naive (and absolutely gorgeous) Piolo Pascual character Lino.

Like "Anak" before it, "Milan's" brightest scene is also its most heartbreaking. Jenny, with tears streaming down her face and voice cracking with emotion, has Lino on his metaphorical knees as she tells him that in spite of their all-consuming love, she's decided they are better apart than together.

Most heartbreaking line: "Mahal mo ba 'ko dahil kailangan mo 'ko, o kailangan mo 'ko kaya mahal mo ako?"

If you would have to choose between these two iconic movies, which would you say is your favorite? And what do you think about a remake? Answer the poll below!

Which Claudine Barretto movie is worthy of a remake?
Answer 1: "Anak" (2000)
Answer 2: "Milan" (2004)

We would love to hear more from you! Tell us in the comments section who you think should take on Claudine's roles in the original movies, as well as your other dream cast members. :)
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