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Then vs Now: Alex Gonzaga's 5-minute makeup tutorial

POLL: What's your favorite Alex Gonzaga makeup tutorial?

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

6/4/2018 in News
Then vs Now: Alex Gonzaga's 5-minute makeup tutorial

Alex Gonzaga, actress, Kapamilya host and YouTube extraordinaire, has a tried and tested 5-minute make up routine.

According to her, she developed it because like the rest of us, she's really lazy and ganda is ganda kahit saglit ka lang nag-muk-ap. So far we've seen two versions of it: the first made its way to her channel back in 2017, and we saw the second one went live Preview.ph's official YouTube account last month. Today, we'll look at the two versions side by side and decide which one takes the cake. 

The 2017 version

"Napauso ko siya, sikat na sikat siya," Alex said about this version, "ginagawa siya ngayon ni Mommy Pinty at ng Ate ko (Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga)."

The 2017 version was pretty simple: eyebrows first, cheek tint, eyeliner, concealer, and a nude beige lipstick. However, Alex wasn't finished by the five-minute mark because 1. she filmed this as a full-on "tut", so she was teaching as she was putting on her face, and 2. because her boyfriend, the gorgeous (and laging naghihintay) Mikee Morada, was there to distract her.


By the end of the "tut", Alex, her drunk blush on and her eyeliner objectively imperfect (that left one, bro, 'nuff said), admitted that this wasn't her best run.


"Hindi pala siya ganoon kaganda," she was like, "hindi pala siya effective, don't do this na lang."

You can watch the video here:

The updated 2018 version

For her second run, Alex was noticeably more relaxed, cracking jokes like she's doing stand-up while working her magic. She kept things relatively the same, but change is the spice of life so she served us with a modified version.

She did her eyebrows first, and then used concealer to minimize her blemishes, and then switched up her cheek tint for what looks like a cream-to-powder blush. Good call, if you ask us. 

And since we're honest here. She did her eyeliner 10 times better. 100 times better.


She also hit her lips with some hydrating lip balm before finishing the look with a matte nude lip. Alex finished the whole lewk with...


You can watch the whole video here:


While the 2017 version introduced the world to Alex's magical five-minute makeup routine, it's younger sister, the 2018 version really did slay the day.


But that's just our opinion. Answer the poll below to give us yours! 

What's your favorite version of Alex Gonzaga's 5-minute make up tutorial?
The 2017 version
The updated 2018 version
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