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Baron, itinago sa Cebu para magbago!

"Recovering from addiction is hard but possible..."

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/3/2018 in News
Baron, itinago sa Cebu para magbago!

Controversial actor Baron Geisler has shared an update about his ongoing rehabilitation treatment in Cebu City.

In a Facebook post last Wednesday, May 30, he wrote:

"Recovering from addiction is hard but possible if I am willing to accept that I have a problem/disease -- which is alcoholism, that made my life unmanageable."

He continued, "I just have to work the steps because it works if you work [for it] and do it a day at a time."

The next day, May 31, Baron responded to a netizen's tweet about him which said, "Kahit unprofessional si Baron Geisler, his acting skills are great."

Baron quoted the tweet and wrote, "Next time, professional na."

Baron voluntarily admitted himself into rehab after getting arrested for allegedly threatening his brother-in-law Michael Morales last March. In April, he said that he's healing, and he's trying to fix his social skills and attitude.

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