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Kris, isang bagay lang ang kinakatakutan! Ano ito?

Kris talks about her "wish" on death and sickness

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

6/29/2018 in News
Kris, isang bagay lang ang kinakatakutan! Ano ito?

Having built her empire all on her own, it seems like Kris Aquino is indestructible and doesn’t have anything to fear. But like any other human being, the Queen of All Media is afraid of falling seriously ill - not because of the physical toll on her, but its effects on her children Joshua and Bimby.

"I don't want to be a burden. I don't want my sons seeing me suffer—just when nagba-bad allergy attacks ako, nai-stress na sila. So ayoko talaga ‘yun,” she told PEP today, June 29.

Kris also talked about death, and shared that she doesn’t have any qualms talking about the morbid subject because she’s already faced it.

“I had to face it with a father na gano'n kabilis namatay and a mother who went through it na medyo prolonged, so I know [death],” she said, adding that she hopes for a quick death for herself should the time come.

“I know its weird, I know it sounds morbid, 'God kung kukunin mo ako, can I just die in my sleep? And can you make it fast and can you make it sudden?’” she related, explaining that she doesn’t want to suffer through an illness because she’s allergic to painkillers.

“So ako talaga, 'God please ha, bilisan mo na lang kung kukunin mo rin ako, 'wag mo nang patagalin,’” she said.

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