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JM, sinayawan si Barbie bago ang kanilang 'Big Kiss'

♫ Ang tanging pag-asa ko, ay nasa tambalang ito. Sana'y magkatotoo. ♫

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

6/29/2018 in News
JM, sinayawan si Barbie bago ang kanilang 'Big Kiss'

As we sit in wild (almost fanatical) anticipation for Sir Adrian and Mich's Big Kiss in "Araw Gabi", the show's lead stars JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial are giving us more reasons to be excited by stoking the fires of sweet, sweet torture. 


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Yesterday, ABS-CBN Adprom staff Pherlouie Moya released exclusive behind-the-scenes videos from the Batangas set where we see Barbie pretending to look annoyed as JM danced to Itchyworms' classic song "Love Team" which, if you think about the lyrics...parang may sinasabi si JM?

The BTS videos were grabbed by fan accounts and spread like a virus all over social media.

*cue screaming* 

Of course, this isn't the first time behind-the-scenes JuanBie footage made all of our hearts beat a little faster (or made us curse our singledom). They've been torturing us with adorableness since "Araw Gabi" started shooting. If you'd like to see more BTS footage, click on the links down below:

Rita Avila, may regalo para sa JuanBies - mainit-init pa!

WATCH: Barbie, napaupo kay JM + more JuanBie BTS goodness

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