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9 months pregnant and Jewel still has her abs! 🔥

Jewel shamed for showing off her nine-month baby bump? Paano niya hinandle ito?

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

6/27/2018 in News
9 months pregnant and Jewel still has her abs! 🔥

Erstwhile actress Jewel Mische has been glowing since the beginning of her pregnancy, and now that she’s reached her ninth month, she’s more blooming than ever!

Her baby bump has completely popped out, but it’s only obvious when she’s leaning towards a side. Looking at Jewel from a frontal view, it doesn’t even look like she’s pregnant! See for yourself:



The mom-to-be is very proud of her healthy and fit figure and wrote all about it in her Instagram post from yesterday, June 26, to encourage others to be proud of their bodies as well.

“Tooting my own horn because in a society where being pregnant is constituted as being ‘out of shape,’ look what my body has achieved in the last 9 months. 🤰🏻💪🏼” she wrote in her caption. “This is a growing human factory! A lot of women are scared or even repulsed by all the changes that take place in your body during pregnancy. But as for me, I’ve never been so confident and I’ve never appreciated my body more than right now.”

Jewel wants to stress that it’s possible for women to be pregnant and still maintain their healthy bodies.

“This isn’t to show you how ‘good’ I look or make you feel bad about yourself (or better), but to tell it’s possible and I’m not just ‘lucky,’” she continued in a text post that she screenshot and included in her post. “I know everyone’s journey and body is different. And I know that exercising might not be every pregnant woman’s priority, but to be pregnant and fit is also not just about genes and ‘luck.’ It comes down to choosing a healthy diet, being active before and during pregnancy, and [living a] healthy lifestyle.”

“I hope this encourages you to stop feeling scared or sorry for yourself and go slay,” she said. “Stop fearing and taking your amazing body for granted and go handle, even pregnancy, like a boss. 💪”

Despite Jewel’s positive attitude towards her pregnancy, she revealed that she was recently rebuked by a friend for being a disappointment to her religion for posting photos of herself in her underwear to show off her baby bump.



“I must admit, it has been a battle lately, not to ‘flaunt,’ to share or not to share. I am just proud and loving this journey so much, as [a] soon-to-be-mom,” she said about the incident. “I am in awe of what my body can do and it’s hard not to tell the world who it currently is. So I understand completely the rebuke and why my friend said what she said. I apologize if I made any other Christians feel uncomfortable as well. But for what it’s worth, ladies, look at what our bodies are actually capable of. Seriously, let this be a reminder, we are superhuman! Love your body, pregnant or not.”

Well said, Jewel! 👏

She and her husband Alister Kurzer announced their pregnancy back in April. They have been married for three years and are currently based in Michigan in the US.

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