Every Girl's Guide to #KilayGoals

Get brows like Nadine, Liza, and Kathryn!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

6/27/2018 in LIFESTYLE
Every Girl's Guide to #KilayGoals

Girls, start your 2017 right and get your eyebrows on fleek!

Every girl is different, and so in turn every pair of brows are too. However, at some point in the past three years you've probably encountered "The Modern Brow" as it swept its influence over the entire world.

"The Modern Brow" is full, natural to the point of being almost unkempt and has a very minimal arch. We see a lot of local celebrities taking this beauty trend and making it their own, but today we've mapped out three versions of "The Modern Brow" that you can easily follow: The Kathryn Bernardo Brow, The Nadine Lustre Brow, and The Liza Soberano Brow.


1. The Kathryn Bernardo Brow

Kathryn wears very little makeup on a daily basis, as we've observed, and when she does do her brows, she likes to keep it looking natural, but very, very tidy.

First step: You can achieve Kathryn's eyebrows by maintaining your natural brow shape. You can do this by plucking or getting them threaded.

Second step: Fill in your brows with a brow gel one shade lighter than your natural hair color.

Third step: Clean up any mistakes with a concealer that matches your skin color.

2. The Nadine Lustre Brow

Nadine likes to keep her eyebrows very full, very defined, and very straight. From what we see in her Instagram posts, Nadine is a fan of fluffy brows, and so she goes through lengths to achieve this look.

First step: Define your eyebrows by putting on some clear eyebrow gel first to set your brow hairs in place.

Second step: Fill in gaps with an eyebrow pencil that's one shade lighter than your skin tone.

Third step: Finish it off by putting on an ashy-toned eyebrow pencil to give the illusion of fluffy brows.

3. The Liza Soberano Brow

Liza's eyebrows are the most arched of the three but like Nadine, she seems to like to keep her brows full. Liza's brows are naturally fluffy and thick, and most of her beauty looks enhance this.

First step: Brush your eyebrow hairs with a spooly to give you a good idea of the shape of your eyebrows.

Second step: Bust out your favorite eyebrow pomade and trace the shape of your eyebrows using short strokes. Afterwards, fill it in using, again, short hair-like strokes.

Third step: Set your eyebrows in place by using a clear eyebrow gel.

We hope this guide gets you girls one step closer to looking like these three certified Queens, and becoming your own brand of #KilayGoals!

Originally published January 18, 2017.

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