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Juan Miguel reveals the 'biggest plot twist' during UP graduation

Why did Juan Miguel have his sablay on his right shoulder? 🤔

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

6/26/2018 in News
Juan Miguel reveals the 'biggest plot twist' during UP graduation

Actor and spoken word poet Juan Miguel Severo posted a photo today, June 26, on his Instagram of himself wearing the University of the Philippine’s iconic sablay, but oddly enough, it’s on the wrong shoulder. 🤨

The University Commencement Exercises happened last June 24 and it holds the ceremony where all graduating UP students transfer their sablay from their right shoulders to their left shoulders, signifying that they’ve officially graduated.

Juan Miguel attended the commencement exercises for the UP College of Mass Communication wearing his sablay on his right shoulder and revealed through an Instagram post that no, he did not graduate from UP.



“The biggest plot twist of my UP story has to be this moment: when, after years of keeping the thought of finishing my studies in some folder labeled ‘do not open until ready,’ I was invited by my beloved College of Mass Communication to attend the graduation,” he shared in his caption. “I was eventually told to follow the prescribed ceremonial costume, which meant I should wear [a] barong, slacks, and leather shoes, which meant I got to wear the sablay. The sablay!”

“No, of course I didn't graduate,” he continued. “I performed for the faculty and for those who did. But I am beyond honored. I got to stand on that stage. I got to sing ‘UP Naming Mahal.’ I got to do all these with a sablay on my shoulder. And I choose to believe this means my school acknowledges me. I choose to believe the mother loves the prodigal son even if it took him this long to come home.”

Juan Miguel starred in the 2017 film “Can We Still Be Friends” and the 2015 series “On the Wings of Love.” He’s also part of the upcoming Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla-led film “The Hows of Us.”

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