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Alex Gonzaga is choosing her battles online - and she's winning!

Affected lang raw si Alex kapag napagsabihan siya ng dalawang taong ito. Sino sila?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/26/2018 in News
Alex Gonzaga is choosing her battles online - and she's winning!

Celebrity or not, it's easy to see that the online world has become a platform where malicious comments and controversies are easily spread. And because of social media, bashing has become even more prevalent.

It is normal to be affected by the hate, but one celebrity who has learned how to manage her feelings towards all the negativity is Alex Gonzaga.

Alex has been a target of bashing, whether it be directed at her attitude, or the vlogs she creates. Her vlog has gained popularity over the past months, and as of this writing, now has over a million followers.

In a story by PEP yesterday, June 25, Alex opened up about the joys she gets from vlogging, saying: "I’m happy kasi, finally, I get to be myself and no one will judge."

With regards to negative comments about her, she's clear about one thing -- she doesn't believe them. She also has a way of dealing with bashers in a "humorous" way.

Last November, Alex has received a hate comment which implied she has no class. Her answer? "[Mag]kano ba 'yang class na 'yan? Maka-hoard nga bukas!"

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She said, "Kapag may bagong comment... may mga naiimbento kasi sila na mga bagong sasabihin, mahu-hurt ka. Pero na-realize ko kasi, if you believe 'yung sinabi nila, kahit one percent lang dun, 'yun ang magiging affected ka, e. Pero if you don't believe in them, sa kung ano ang sinasabi nila, 'yun, puwede kang hindi masaktan."

Last April, Alex's sister, Toni Gonzaga expressed her support to the former saying: "When they don't get you and understand you, but I do because I know you the most. That's all that matters. You always, always have me."

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Alex also tends to read the hate messages over and over again as way to move past it. "Kunwari nasaktan ako sa sinabi, uulit-ulitin ko lang siyang basahin hanggang sa ma-immune ako."

Just last May, Alex also addressed the people who find her "annoying".

She tweeted, "I watched some of my old videos and yes, i also find myself annoying. Woops. So to everyone who found me annoying especially during the pre-vlog videos, I am sorry! I am with you also in this emotion. - Younger AG"

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The 30-year-old host added that one of the secrets to a less toxic mindset on social media is to pick your battles.

She said, "Minsan kaya lang siya lumalaki, na-realize ko, kapag sinasagot mo. Pero once na hindi mo sagutin, makikita mo na mas marami pa rin naman talaga 'yung nag-a-appreciate, nagla-like. Kapag 'yung dislikes dumami na kaysa sa likes, 'yun parang maba-bother ka. Pero so far, parang okay pa naman."

The opinions that really matter to Alex are those from the people she loves, like her Daddy Bonoy and sister Toni. "Kapag sinabi talaga ng daddy ko na mali o ng ate ko na, 'mali 'yung ginawa mo', ayun, mas affected ako."

Alex was part of the 2014 movie "The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin". She is currently a SING-vestigator for "I Can See Your Voice" which airs weekend nights on ABS-CBN.

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