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Relationship with fathers, may effect sa love life? KC shares two cents

KC, pinasalamatan si Sharon sa pagiging nanay at tatay sa kanya!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

6/25/2018 in News
Relationship with fathers, may effect sa love life? KC shares two cents

Last Father’s Day, KC Concepcion greeted her father Gabby Concepcion and stepdad Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan with very sweet messages through posts on her Instagram account. 


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“I will always be thankful for the ways you record memories, remind me of the who’s who in our family tree, tell me stories & remind me of my roots,” she wrote in her greeting for Gabby. “I always look forward to our endless late night phone conversations, where we talk until you fall asleep. Yes, you, because I’m a night owl and can go on till the sun rises, but you never cut me off. Perhaps to make up for all the lost time all the years we were apart. To the first man I ever loved... #HappyFathersDay ✨🎩✨” 


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“The side people rarely see... When he’s not slaying dragons, he’s with the girls giving love advice 😍 Thank you to the main man of our lives, the one who taught me how to use a dictionary, budget my money, plan ahead & be organized. Long nights of talking, communicating, spending quality time became a REALITY with you,” she wrote in her greeting for Kiko. “An authoritarian who was once SUPER STRICT has now become a warm dad & close friend. 🎩 Thank you for giving me confidence. And making me feel that I am enough. ♥️ #HappyFathersDay” 

But when asked how they’ve helped her grow into the person she is today, KC’s first thought was of her mom Sharon Cuneta. 

“Well first of all, I want to acknowledge my mom kasi [siya] talaga ‘yung kasama ko even when wala pa kong stepdad and hindi ko nakakasama ‘yung papa ko,” she said in an interview with PUSH TV. “‘Yung mom ko talaga, and ‘yung lola (Elaine Cuneta) ko, ‘yung talagang kasama ko growing up, na naging nanay at tatay to me at the same time.” 

Of course, this doesn’t mean her dads haven’t affected her life. In fact, KC is glad to have very good relationships with both her fathers. Why, you might ask? Well… 

“It’s important for every girl to have a man in her life, a father figure, kasi sa totoo lang, naapektuhan ‘yung mga love life ng mga girls depende sa relationship niyo with your father,” she said. “Promise, na-realize ko ‘yun. Sobrang may effect siya, kung okay kayo nung father ninyo o hindi - it effects ‘yung choice mo pagdating sa men in your life.” 😄 

“Ngayon na older na ko and my fathers are really doing their best to make up for lost time, naa-appreciate ko ‘yun,” she continued. “Hindi naman maganda to look at the past lagi and then galit ka sa mga nangyari dati. It’s nice to see kung ano ‘yung effort ng mga tao ngayon.” 

Tama naman si KC! 😉

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