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Jed Madela stands by Darren Espanto’s ‘Showtime’ performance

You can’t insult Darren Espanto, not on Jed Madela’s watch.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

6/24/2018 in News
Jed Madela stands by Darren Espanto’s ‘Showtime’ performance

Jed Madela has come to the defense of his “little brother” Darren Espanto, who has been the subject of online bashing after their Basil Valdez tribute duet on “It’s Showtime” yesterday, June 23.

Darren, known for his effortless high notes, performed quite beautifully on the program in spite feeling under the weather but was still dragged online; he was called “sintunado” and “flat”. Some even attributed the 17-year-old’s cracking voice to puberty. 

Well, Jed wasn’t having any of it.

In a series of tweets, the singer revealed just how much he admires the younger performer for his guts to perform even in his condition. He wrote, “He could have asked to lower [the notes] but no, he is a trooper. Hindi madali mag perform na may sakit. Bashers are losers hiding behind their phones and social media. Again, they will never come close to [being] a Darren Espanto.”

He continued, “Kahit ano pang panlalait at paninira na ginawa ng iba dati, I never stopped supporting Darren. Parang kapatid ko na ‘yan.”

What’s your take on Darren’s “Showtime” performance? Tell us in the comments section below!

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